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Pounds For Arizona

Values To Believe In

    • Ecological wisdom,
    • Justice,
    • Grassroots democracy,
    • Electoral Politics, and
    • Nonviolence.

Starting contributions will be used to finance the employment of petition circulators.  

Please donate and/or sign up to volunteer! Neither Left, Nor right, but Forward

The Arizona Independent-Green Party is not affiliated with the Green Party US or Green Party of Arizona, but instead seeks to create a political organization that provides an alternative to the corporate sponsored political parties. We believe the government no longer represents the constituents that elect politicians but the corporations that fund their political campaigns. People are tired of partisan politics and are demanding another choice unfortunately the other third and minor parties are on the fringes of society, we intend to provide a sensible balanced approach to politics long overdue in our nation. We will do this advocating for people before corporate power with a decidedly pro environment stance.

Our fight for change doesn’t start anywhere else but here in Arizona

Pounds For Arizona


Critical Issues

Campaign finance, labor rights, civil liberties, and environmental policy.

Our Future, Our Children

Educational Justice – Education is an investment in our future economic security and the quality of our lives. To remain a great state having an educated workforce that is competitive is no longer a luxury but a critical necessity so our children are the future leaders of industry. Time to elect a Governor that puts the students and teachers ahead of their party.

  •  Increase teacher pay to match the national average
  • Fund universal early education
  •  Make public colleges and universities free and affordable for qualifying students

Equal Justice For ALL

Criminal Justice – As Arizona continues to grow so does crime across our state. Often this is largely targeting individuals and businesses in our Black, Latino, Hispanic, and Indigenous communities. Arizona needs a Governor who will restore the concept that the state is there to protect and serve our citizens.

  • Eliminate private prisons
  • Establish community law enforcement oversight committees
  •  Invest in alternative to law enforcement such as specially trained social workers to respond to calls involving the homeless, substance abuse and mental illness
  • Make Arizona a whistle blower safe state.

Health-care Determines the Quality of Life

Health-care Justice – Inadequate accessible health-care has greatly worsened the impact Covid19 has had on the people and economy here in Arizona. We need leadership capable of creating a robust health-care system that can not only address the current crisis but prepare our state for future inevitable outbreaks.

  • Increase accessibility and expand eligibility to state run health-care insurance plans
  • Expand community based outreach programs to provide medical and mental health services for economically disadvantaged areas
    Reduce dependence on private for profit companies to be better prepared to respond to a future statewide crisis

Equality is Not Just a Slogan

Racial Justice – The people of Arizona have seen the protests that have plagued our nation here on our streets and want a solution. The conditions in our Indigenous communities are a collective embarrassment to our state and aren’t significantly better in our Black, Latino, and Hispanic communities. We’re a state made up largely of immigrants and we can do better for all of those that have and will join us in the future.

  • Refocus immigration enforcement to target the traffickers and businesses that take advantage of the immigrants not the immigrants themselves
  • Provide resources to economically disadvantaged communities to address their needs
  • Hold state officials and law enforcement accountable for their discriminatory actions

Ending the Drug War, decriminalizing all scheduled substances, removing immigrant Covid-19 jab impediments, & prohibiting employers from terminating due to drug refusal.

Rapid Growth, Rapid Response

Economic Justice – Our rapidly increasing population continues to bring both problems and opportunities to the citizens of Arizona. Economic growth should be lifting our residents out of poverty but instead for many it is leaving them behind, we need a Governor who will put their constituents before the corporations.

  •  Institute a $15 minimum wage tied to inflation
  •  State sponsored financial safety net for those impacted by Covid19
  •  Restore fairness and equality to our state tax system

The ‘Left & Right’ Don’t Support Medical Freedom: Abortion & Covid Mandates

I’ve made it abundantly clear that I’m working to earn state recognition for a NEW Arizona Independent-Green Party. This has been unadulteratedly communicated in my campaign messaging. The nonexistent Arizona Green Party’s tweet deceptively implies that I’m claiming to be currently a member, I have never claimed this & never will be an Arizona Green Party member again. Long live the Arizona Independent-Green Party!🌵🌻

I have the endorsement of the only Green Presidential Nominee to have ever held federal office, Former US Representative Dr. Cynthia McKinney!

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