“Green Party US” Organization 69s Clinton Operative Peter Daou

Written by William Pounds, Former Exploratory Committee Co-Chair for Jesse Ventura and Candidate for Arizona Governor

69 in favor and 69 opposed!! Not enough to pay off HAWKins backer and Clinton/Kerry campaign aide Peter Daou but hey, a 69 is a 69!!!


Now, even though the budget amendment failed, I desire to go into full detail regarding this saga to pay up $12,000 to a Democrat operative like Daou. The “Green Party US” steering committee, without national committee approval, attempted contracting Peter Daou for “social media services”.

Peter Daou founded Verrit, a ‘fact-checking’ site biased towards Democrat Party narratives.

This is what 69 members of the “Green Party US“ organization national committee support so much so to waste $12,000, and what the steering committee tried to fund without national committee approval, the Clinton machine.

Now, it would be unfair and more-so, inaccurate, to fully characterize *ALL* of HAWKins’ supporters as Daou supporters even though Howard Hawkins is a Daou supporter himself. As can be observed from the video down below this paragraph. Michael Trudeau had been the main Hawkins person opposed to the Daou amendment, as I will lay out for you in the following email correspondence.

WATCH: “Righteous Deployment” HAWKins and Daou preform 69.

I will now reveal the email correspondence which led up to the vote on the Daou contract which the steering committee enacted without party consensus and add my commentary on this discourse, this email correspondence was leaked to me by one of my allies on the “Green Party US” national committee and should the identity of this whistleblower be revealed, it would be grounds for expulsion which I consider to be antithetical to the values of Green-minded voters whom demand transparency, especially transparency on the matter of which hands solicited donation money is being put. The times in which I was dumb enough to donate to the “Green Party US” organization, I would have never thought that they would even consider distributing my donation to a Democrat attack-dog that most activists on the “Berniecrat” and libertarian-left despise for being both a *cringe-machine* and corporatist.

We shall begin with Hawkins’ former Gubernatorial Running-Mate, Gloria Mattera, introducing the budget amendment to fork over 12k to Peter Daou and his wife Leela.

From: Gloria Mattera via Natlcomvotes <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org> Date: Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 9:00 PM Subject: [usgp-nc] Deliverables & Work Plan for the Daous To: National Committee Votes and GP-US Work <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org> Cc: Gloria Mattera <gmattera@gmail.com> (I’m leaving Gloria’s email here intentionally because she supported Andrea’s doxxing behavior.)

Dear NC (National Committee) delegates ,

Several threads on this list have been inquiries about what role the Daous will play within the party and how their work will be conducted. Here are the main points of the contract with the Daous and an initial work plan. Relevant Green Party committees and others who work directly with the Daous will provide their input as the relationship evolves.  This work plan will continue to evolve to meet party needs. We welcome feedback about how Triangle Advisers could help your states and candidates.

Establish a Green Party candidate training hub that interfaces with state parties to engage and train exceptional candidates in collaboration with the Coordinated Campaign Committee: Interview prospective candidates that state parties put forward and provide recommendations on their strategy and campaign needs.

Provide 1-on-1 training for candidates and campaign staff (paid/volunteer) on all aspects of campaigning, including fundraising, list-building, media, communications, messaging, voter outreach, and digital marketing. Hold regular, collective candidate calls and/or meetings to foster a sense of solidarity and community. These can be simple conference calls or Zoom meetings.

Provide “on-call” advising to candidates during and outside of standard business hours.

Contribute messaging and content to the Fundraising Committee for email appeals for the national party as well as individual campaigns to increase fundraising. Develop a simple and compelling fact sheet rebutting myths about the Green Party. This can be disseminated to members and candidates in simple, shareable formats for social media use.

Enhance GPUS’s digital presence and promote candidates by utilizing Leela and Peter Daou’s social media platforms, which exceed a combined 300,000 highly-engaged followers. The Daous will tweet about Green Party candidates,  as well as party statements and activities at least 20 times per week. Statements and activities can include our policy positions (such as our stance on HR1), support for ballot access campaigns, calls for volunteers, and highlighting of online petitions to name a few.

Coordinate closely with GPUS staff and under the guidance of GP leadership to ensure that all messaging and information is accurate and approved by GPUS. During the first week of work, the Daous will have meetings with the Coordinated Campaign Committee, GP staff and the Steering Committee as an orientation and to facilitate integration.
In collaboration with the Communications Manager, schedule social media skills share sessions with the Media Committee.

Meet with a working group(s) to be determined by the SC that will consist of but not limited to former candidates, state party leaders, key committee chairs. Reaching out to and collaborating with Green Elected Officials to promote their work in office, coordinate party promotion and support their re-election.

Other points of consideration: The terms of this contract are $2000/per month for full-time equivalent work.  This equates to roughly $12/hr.  This rate of pay is less than either of our two existing unionized staff members. At no time will Triangle Advisors attempt to block any Green Party candidates from running for office. They will not be in a position to veto the inclusion of anyone in the CCC’s annual “Candidates To Watch” list. This contract is supported by the majority of the Steering Committee, including members who were hesitant at first, but upon meeting Peter and Leela have come to value their potential contributions to the party. The contract is also supported by our staff union.  And it is supported by the Coordinated Campaign Committee, the group currently responsible for supporting candidates and campaigns. Like other contractors who have access to sensitive information, strategy and party operations, the Daous will be expected to sign a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Gloria Mattera

Anita Rios

Hillary Kane

Kristin Combs 

Margaret Elisabeth 

Tamar Yager

Co-chairs Green Party

— Natlcomvotes mailing list

My commentary on the matter, before I present you the contents of what delegates had to say leading up to the vote is simple. This is the deep state half and militant socialist half of the “Green Party US” organization, its delegates to be more specific, butting heads even though they found a cause to unite behind in Howard HAWKins. The deep state half found a guaranteed anti-spoiler in Hawkins and the militant socialist half found a anti-electoral politics candidate with extreme positions to back. My most abhorred political opponent, Justin Beth, is apart of the deep state presence in the “Green Party US” organization that pushed like hell for this payout to Peter Daou.

Beth was the main reason that my time on Jesse Ventura’s exploratory committee was so short and the reason Jesse decided to no longer appeal for the “Green Party US” 2020 presidential nomination, falsely put under the impression by Beth and his subordinate Erin Fox, Fox whom was my fellow Co-Chair of the committee, that there was absolutely no path to get the nomination.

The fact that Beth and Fox lied to Jesse was communicated to Jesse far too late and HAWKins was nominated via first round voting. Beth sabotaged Jesse ensuring Howard HAWKins’ nomination and continues his assault on Green viability every chance he gets.

…and now I will present you discourse from delegates on the Daou payout proposal.

From: David Schwab via Natlcomvotes <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org> Date: Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 2:31 PM Subject: [usgp-nc] Message from Ajamu, Cheri, and Jill re: 1033 To: <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org> Cc: David Schwab <………………………>

Michael Trudeau says “I misjudged the thickness of your skin”. Actually Michael, what you misjudged was my tolerance for abusive behavior within the Green Party. This isn’t about me. I stand up to bullying as a matter of principle because if some people are allowed to create a toxic environment, it drives good people away from the party. Michael Trudeau feels like he can baselessly call me a liar, whether in private texts or on a national email list, because he doesn’t believe he’ll be held accountable for his actions. If a delegate of this party is allowed to harass and slander others because he doesn’t like how they vote, that’s a real problem for our party, and one that requires action. I don’t want to bring good people into this party only to have to endure this kind of abuse.

Dave Schwab

Delegate, WIGP

From: Justin Beth via Natlcomvotes <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org> Date: Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 10:37 AM Subject: Re: [usgp-nc] Message from Ajamu, Cheri, and Jill re: 1033 To: National Committee Votes and GP-US Work <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org> Cc: Justin Beth <…………………….>


Anyone that follows these lists is very well aware of your abusive and toxic behavior. I’m sure the tone of your texts to David are no shock to anyone who’s familiar with you. It’d be great if people like you would grow up, so we could have civil debates on this list. Your bullying really isn’t in keeping with our Green Party values, particularly Non-Violence. So please… try to act like a Green to your fellow Greens. If I never saw another email from you, it would be like winning the lottery.

Justin Beth

GPUS Delegate, Maine 

From: Michael Trudeau via Natlcomaffairs <natlcomaffairs@green.gpus.org> Date: Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 7:18 PM Subject: Re: [usgp-dx] The decline of the Green Party To: National Committee affairs discusion list <natlcomaffairs@green.gpus.org> Cc: Michael Trudeau <……………………>

If proposal 1033 fails and the Daou contract is canceled, please work with me on drafting a budget amendment proposal to hire a part-time national ballot-access organizer who will work with the Ballot Access Committee, Fundraising Committee, Media Committee, and Outreach Committee to organize a well-funded national campaign for ballot access. If the Daou contract passes, I don’t think money exists in the GPUS budget for such a plan. The Daou contract is not Green organizing. It is a techno-fix that will not fix anything for a declining party with ballot access in 15 states. It’s time to invest in ourselves for a change.

Michael Trudeau


North Carolina

Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2021 21:26:43 -0800 Subject: Re: [usgp-dx] Fallout from Daou Loss

Delegate Trudeau, Peter Daou followed me on twitter approximately a week ago. After reading your summation, I checked to see if Peter Daou had now unfollowed me also. He has. I was also a ‘no’ voter, at the behest of the people I represent in Nevada.

M.K. Hanson



Justin Beth wrote:

Delegate Nogueras,

Of course this is appropriate discussion for this listserv. We just finished a very contested vote on this and it has already had negative repercussions on our party. Losing strong candidates, with a potential to greatly boost membership in our party, may not be important to you, but our candidates are critical to our growth and sustainability. Our candidates should be an integral piece to any ballot access plans that are being developed. What are we doing for candidate recruitment and retention? Clearly… not enough. If you want to consider my pointing out the repercussions of this vote as vote shaming, that’s not me shaming you. I’m just presenting evidence of the negative repercussions. Your shame is self- created. Don’t let me stop you in sharing your perspectives of the positive results from the outcome of this vote, though… I’ll wait. I raise these concerns, because many, like you, are hiding your heads in the sand. You want to vote this down and move on like this had no downside in this proposal failing? Well sorry, I’m not going to let that happen. Myself and others that voted Yes, predicted this would happen (though maybe not so quickly). As Delegate Schwab said, it was a gut-punch to hear this from one of our best candidates. So in some ways, the results of this decision are even worse than I predicted. This is not about me being right and anyone else being wrong. I’d much rather be wrong and keep our candidates than be right and lose these candidates. Let me ask you, William (Nogueras)… Are seriously you okay with this outcome? Is losing any candidate worth it?

— Natlcomaffairs mailing list


From: Brendan Phillips via Natlcomaffairs <natlcomaffairs@green.gpus.org>
Date: Wed, Mar 3, 2021 at 10:39 AM
Subject: [usgp-dx] Fallout from Daou Loss
To: National Committee Affairs Discusion List <natlcomaffairs@green.gpus.org>
Cc: Brendan Phillips <…………………………..>

I find delegate Beth’s remarks to be offensive and out of touch. Over 50% of delegates voted No on 1033. Numerous delegates gave honest reasons why. It’s not some factional conspiracy. We had concerns about the process and contract. Instead of recognizing the concerns or expressing understanding delegate Beth is here to gaslight no voters, shame them, and essentially say “look what you did”. 
Boohoo. I don’t know who these candidates are, I don’t care that they are now leaving over this. If that is all it took they were never really with us to begin with. Bye.
Show some respect to the actual volunteers in this party who do work for free and stop sucking up to a couple of rich democrats who may or may not have joined six months ago.

Brendan Phillips

Green Party of Utah

Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

Natlcomaffairs mailing list

Delegate On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 1:15 PM Justin Beth via Natlcomaffairs <
natlcomaffairs@green.gpus.org> wrote:

How exactly did I offend you, Brendan? … I  simply pointed out the consequences of this vote. What I find to be out of touch, Brendan, is your failing to care about losing candidates… something that you should care
about as a former candidate, yourself. Did you forget my support for you then? I suppose  you’ll find all of this offensive, too. It’s an honest observation, though.

I’ve volunteered as many hours as you and I have a right to express my opinion on this listserv, Brendan… so why don’t you similarly show me some respect?

Justin Beth
GPUS NC Delegate, Maine

From: Secretary Green Party of the United States via Natlcomvotes <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org>
Date: Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 8:04 AM
Subject: [usgp-nc] Update on Triangle Advisors Contract
To: National Committee GPUS <natlcomvotes@green.gpus.org>
Cc: Secretary Green Party of the United States <secretary@gp.org>

Many of you are probably aware, the Daous have opted not to contract with us at this time.  We felt compelled to disclose to Peter and Leela that proposal 1033 did not pass.  They were quite concerned about how
close the vote was and did not want to enter into a contract with us given that half of the NC voted against the proposal. Essentially, they felt the project could not be successful with this level of internal resistance.

GPUS Steering Committee

From: Philena Farley via Natlcomaffairs <natlcomaffairs@green.gpus.org>
Date: Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 5:44 AM
Subject: [usgp-dx] Reminder: Inverted Triangle Advise
To: National Committee affairs discusion list <natlcomaffairs@green.gpus.org>
Cc: Philena Farley <………………>

My main question is “How do I make sense of this?” I am feeling conflicted.
Why did Daou give up on us when we decided not to give him money? Was he
in it to build up an alternative? Or was he in it for the money? Will he
still support the Greens? Will he register Green and run as a candidate?

After the vote failed, Daou unfollowed my account on Twitter.

Neither Left, Nor Right, Simply Forward.”

Petra Kelly

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