We Need More AZ Governor Debates! Include Barry Hess & I!!

William at the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum

There aren’t enough candidate debates and forums being hosted in Arizona, especially ones that invite third party candidates like Barry Hess and I, and that’s a damn shame. However, I do give my deepest gratitude to the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce for letting me speak at their candidate forum, we need more of this!! We need a strong multi-party democracy in Arizona to keep the oligarchs’ feet to the fire and those with the ability to host them should diversify their panels with the 2022 Libertarian & Independent-Green gubernatorial candidates.

I commend my opponent former Nogales mayor Marco Lopez for facing me and the electorate in Vail especially due to the vigorous attack ad campaign I launched against him at the beginning of this election cycle regarding how he built the cages designed to overcrowd southern migrants under the Obama administration, however I must call out AZ Secretary Of State Katie Hobbs and fellow gubernatorial candidate for refusing to attend this forum. I’m currently suing her for vanishing my online E-Qual signatures right before the date to submit them so I suppose it was too awkward to face me, although I must mention she has developed quite a habit of not showing up to gubernatorial forums that I haven’t even been given the opportunity to speak at, she has a real entitlement complex and doesn’t believe she has to earn votes in my opinion.

It’s time we ALL intuit respect for diversity and hear the perspectives of all our choices. On that note, Voter Choice Arizona is conducting a poll which is an excellent exercise displaying how rank choice voting works. I recommend that all readers of this article put in their votes!! https://www.voterchoicearizona.org/vote

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