Billy’s Solar Dividends (BSD) Overview

BSD is a program within a Pounds’ administration “REAL Green Deal” plan. BSD policies shall be enacted in this order to relieve us from environmental & economic injustice:

30% of $14.25 Billion is $4.27 Billion.

With an investment of thirty percent from one state budget, 4 billion dollars, Arizona can invest in solar & geothermal energy engineering. This energy sales from this investment can, according to Pounds For Arizona’s estimates, afford the state to cut checks of $600 to every Arizonan.

William’s REAL Green Deal WILL ALSO: Place solar panels over the canals. Stop evaporation of some of the water and create electricity.

Billy’s Solar Dividends (BSD) Overview

Billy’s Solar Dividends is a visionary plan to provide the residents of Arizona with a monthly financial benefit of $600 through the sale of solar electricity generated by the state. This program aims to simultaneously support clean energy initiatives and improve the economic well-being of Arizonans. Here’s a comprehensive plan to make this a reality:

  1. Solar Energy Generation

Establish a statewide solar energy generation infrastructure by installing solar panels on government-owned lands, buildings, and other suitable locations. This solar energy will be supplied to the grid, and the revenue generated from its sale will fund the Billy’s Solar Dividends program.

  1. Energy Sales Management

Create a dedicated state agency responsible for managing the sales of solar electricity. This agency will be tasked with selling excess solar electricity to local utilities and energy providers at competitive rates.

  1. Revenue Allocation

Allocate the revenue generated from solar energy sales to fund the Billy’s Solar Dividends program. The revenue will be divided as follows:

  • 50% for the Billy’s Solar Dividends payments to Arizonans.
  • 20% for maintenance and expansion of the solar infrastructure.
  • 15% for local renewable energy projects and incentives.
  • 10% for workforce development in the clean energy sector.
  • 5% for administrative costs and program management.
  1. Eligibility Criteria

Determine eligibility based on the following criteria:

  • Residency: To be eligible for Billy’s Solar Dividends, individuals must be legal residents of Arizona.
  • Age: Any resident over the age of 18 is eligible.
  • Income: The program will be designed to benefit individuals with low to moderate incomes. An income threshold will be established to ensure the funds reach those who need it most.
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizenship is not a requirement to be eligible.
  1. Monthly Disbursements

Payment Frequency: Billy’s Solar Dividends will provide monthly payments to eligible residents. These payments will be made electronically to recipients’ bank accounts.

  1. Program Oversight

Create a dedicated oversight committee or commission responsible for managing and overseeing the program’s operation, ensuring transparency, and making adjustments as needed.

  1. Public Awareness Campaign

Launch a comprehensive public awareness campaign to inform Arizonans about the program, its benefits, and eligibility criteria. This will help maximize participation.

  1. Implementation Timeline

The implementation of Billy’s Solar Dividends should occur in several phases:

  • Phase 1 (Year 1): Solar infrastructure development and initial sales of solar electricity.
  • Phase 2 (Year 2): Program launch, with payments starting for eligible residents.
  • Phase 3 (Years 3+): Ongoing maintenance and expansion of the solar infrastructure, continuous public awareness campaigns, and regular evaluations of the program’s effectiveness.

Billy’s Solar Dividends is an ambitious yet realistic plan to support both clean energy initiatives and the economic well-being of Arizona residents. By harnessing the state’s solar energy potential and channeling the revenue from its sale into monthly payments for eligible Arizonans, this program has the potential to create a more sustainable and economically vibrant future for the state.

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