About the Candidate

William Pounds - Candidate Statement

On January 26, 1995, William J. Pounds IV was born to Monie & William A. Pounds III. William has used this life gifted to him to devote himself to the principle of justice for all, for the disabled, for the poor, & for refugees. William, as a certified caregiver, has cared for & created opportunities for a great many special needs children. As a tutor & teacher’s assistant for mainly deaf children William beheld the potential that young minds are capable of reaching with the right guidance & support system. As a journalist, William has refined his investigative skill set to seek out truth. The way towards Arizonan peace & prosperity requires care, a genuine pursuit of truth, & adequate guidance, William is the candidate with the experience & team that Arizona needs to go neither left, nor right, simply forward.

In the year 2020, William Pounds served as a Co-Chair on the presidential exploratory committee for former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura & then he served as a Vice-Presidential Campaign Director appointed by VP Candidate, former U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney. William campaigned for Alaskan Green primary votes & persuaded Alaska’s Green Party to break away from the National Green Party’s 2020 Presidential Nominee, to instead nominate a more experienced Green ticket in Jesse Ventura and Cynthia McKinney. For Jesse Ventura it was a draft-nomination but Cynthia McKinney did accept the nomination from the Alaska Green Party.

William’s platform was predominantly held up by the promise to ensure Ventura/McKinnney’s Presidential and Vice-Presidential nomination by the newly formed Arizona Independent-Green Party, William is currently not a supporter of Jesse anymore due to Jesse’s undying support for warp speed, politically expedient inoculating drugs, so this promise must be unfortunately broken, but transparently so. Jesse’s support for big pharma corruption is tragic & it disqualifies him for the presidency in 2024, still William resolves to continue the fight, for informed consent, for medical privacy & freedom, for economic justice, for election integrity & so much more! Join our fight today!!

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