Democrats: ‘It’s Officially OK To Not Trust Elections Now’

By. William Josué Pounds IV | Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate

After Democrats’ recent wave of losses in 2021, I continue to maintain that Democrats & Republicans are fraudulently elected all the time in the United States. Proprietary software, private software, is used to conduct our elections on the regular which makes trust in election officials evermore unattainable. The time to end the privatization of election finance as well as elections themselves must come forth with expedience. We the people must mobilize & put forth an electoral process of, by, & for we the people. Candidates should run on the strength of their message, not the depth of their pocketbooks or the width of their corporate donor friends’ bank accounts. Election results should come from manual hand counting & public software, not shady private industry technology.

To get true working class representation, we must forbid gerrymandering practices & disband electronic voting machines entirely. I believe there is a place for electronic ballot counting by way of public software, not proprietary software, but such electronic counting must be done after manual counting.

My proposal in a nutshell to bring about election integrity:

• Election officials’ procurement should be done the same way we procure a jury in Arizona; for far too long our elections are rigged by the same ol’ people.

• Elimination of private election software.

• Elimination of private voting machines.

• Elimination of private campaign finance in favor of public funding for all candidates at the same monetary amount.

• Manual ballot counting for all ballots before electronic ballot counting, conducted on *PUBLIC* software.