Open Letter to Secretary Katie Hobbs

Dear Secretary of State and Fellow Gubernatorial Candidate Kathleen (Katie) M. Hobbs,

Today I’m writing you to beseech you to act responsibly in your inappropriate bid for our state’s highest office. To be frank Madam Secretary, I know in any unlikely scenario you read this letter, you will become aware of the advertising I’ve paid for warning our fellow Arizonans of your constant displays of partiality in your capacity as Secretary of State leading up to your declaration of candidacy for Arizona Governor. Back in May, one month before your declaration in June, our legislature began the process of transferring the administration of election litigation from your office to the office of Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The reasoning for this decision provided by senators and representatives was that you have been acting too politically in your role as Secretary of State.

And what have you done to prove their concerns wrong? You’ve declared a candidacy for Governor.

Perhaps one way in which you could debunk any claim that you, as our chief elections officer, are acting faithlessly is to lower the requirements for your fellow Governor candidates. Staying out for too long in the Arizona sun collecting signatures has always been hazardous especially as every summer gets hotter than the last & in order to compete with someone like yourself with such an unfair advantage campaigns must focus on matters of more importance than petition circulation.

I’m somewhat relived that a governor candidate such as yourself won’t preside over election litigation surrounding the 2022 gubernatorial election you’d be participating in. Though with the unfair situation your candidacy poses as you’re still our chief elections officer, I urge you, level the playing field or resign.

Your Fellow Gubernatorial Candidate,

William Josue Pounds IV