REAL Green Deal

The REAL Green Deal

William Pounds’ Plan For A Green Arizona

The REAL Green Deal advocates climate change mitigation through clean energy job development but unlike the Green New Deal, the REAL Green Deal lays down a path to economic empowerment before Independent-Greens are able to gain power to implement a green jobs program. When elected representatives falter in providing resources, this leads to imposed austerity measures that cut off services which regular Arizonans depend on, it’s time the mega affluent do their part in dealing with the deficit they created yet they still expect regular folks to flip the bill.

This imposed austerity portrays artificial scarcity, meant to keep poor & working Arizonans down. Our resources are abundant, we must merely solve the hinderance of their access to regular people, hinderance conducted by bought & paid for politicians adhering to their corporate donors’ profits.

We don’t have to spend too much more on the state budget, we just need to reprioritize our spending to benefit regular Arizonans, redirecting our fiscal priorities away from dark corporate interests.

The REAL Green Deal is split into two plans, a plan to enact without governmental power, to empower people through mutual aide, community gardening, & direct action, as well as a plan to enact with governmental power, such as green job programs involving green space development to decrease temperature, green energy development to harness the power of our all famous Arizona sun, invigoration of public transit, & other infrastructure projects to benefit regular Arizonan interests.