REAL Green Deal

Non-Governmental Power REAL Green Deal (RGD)

One thing that I do in my free time is throw seed bombs in areas which I think the seeds can grow, though this is hardly enough. One way to grow independence is teaching & funding gardening projects all over Arizona, this doesn’t require the government to accomplish which is why I’ve listed this subject matter here, I’m working to set up community gardens all over Arizona to feed regular people, dependance on corporations is dangerous, Arizonans must intuit gardening skills for food independence. The REAL Green Deal (RGD) poses that organizing of community gardens to feed regular people will mean more safety & liberty for Arizonans, the corporate stranglehold on Arizonan produce must end, we can all bring this about collectively. I hope through my campaign, we can generate the people power necessary to achieve this aim of community gardening all across Arizona.

I believe the path to freeing ourselves from economic downfall is ensuring that rock bottom is padded with housing, unfortunately our corporate owned government makes rock bottom out on the streets. We need to start dedicating land to housing if the government is currently too corrupt to act on taking back abandoned real estate being hoarded by greedy property developers. We can make progress on a housing safety net by taking things into our own hands in the meantime by homesteading barren land, this shall make the elites realize how essential the presence of common folk really is as a result.