REAL Green Deal

Governmental Power Real Green Deal (RGD)

Arizonans are sick of trickle down economics. When the affluent gain more wealth, said wealth is taken out of circulation most of the time. When the poor & working class gain more wealth, said wealth remains in circulation. A strong Arizonan economy requires more wealth circulation by regular people & less wealth hoarding by the most affluent Arizonans. As Governor, I will deploy a ‘fair share’ tax of 4% on corporate elites that generate twenty million dollars within the fiscal year. Under my administration, companies can be rewarded with state ‘fair share’ tax exemptions if employees receive increased amounts of paid leave, bonus pay, & wage increases of 10% to their current pay rate. I would rather said money go to employees rather than the bureaucrats that occupy our legislature. Poor & working people circulating more wealth in Arizona under my plan will stimulate our economy like never before!

Under my administration, REAL green jobs, particularly in solar energy, will boost demand in our economy by reducing unemployment, make Arizona more competitive in the global economy (the amount of solar radiation in our state is a massively untapped resource, an energy resource which could make us a larger economy than California), & protect our public health. All of which will lead to greater economic productivity & long-term economic prosperity. Our all-powerful, all-famous Arizona sun could be the economic backbone of our state, we would have so much excess solar energy to sell across the global economy. If elected Governor, I will aim to reprioritize 30% of our state budget for investing in solar energy engineering. Arizona’s sun has the potential to power the entire United States, maybe even the world! Sales of our solar energy will enrich us all. Unproductive, destructive conflict between the solar industry, utilities & the state’s government over net metering have been ongoing for years, which is my diagnosis for the drop in solar installations within our state. It’s time to end this hindrance to Arizona’s economic empowerment.