Healthcare For ALL Means Healthcare For ALL

Totalitarianism is what US Democrats want to implement in our healthcare, as we don’t have a healthcare for all system or federal public option, many Democrat extremists advocate the denial of healthcare altogether to the unjabbed. Recently, unjabbed taxpayers in Singapore were told that they have to pay their own hospital bills, but their tax dollars will still fund the healthcare of jabbed Singaporeans. Singapore’s healthcare for all system has now become healthcare for some, the ‘some’ who were okay with risking an adverse shot reaction in exchange for very limited artificial immunity from an experimental inoculating drug. A jabbed Singaporean can now transmit the virus to an unjabbed Singaporean & the said unjabbed Singaporean will be screwed over by the price gouging which occurs in hospitals around the world, though the United States is much more infamous for our medical price gouging, our US Congress in particular forfeited the ability of Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Singapore makes the argument that hospitals are overwhelmed, I call bullshit as these hospitals portray false scarcity, hospitals are very often understaffed & staff are overworked due to never ending greed. Hospital workers have been overwhelmed long, long before Covid hit, this is not the fault of any particular patient, this is the fault of the hospitals. Placing blame on any patient is something which I detest passionately. Singapore’s current model sets a dangerous precedent for denying Medicare coverage for conditions deemed to be ‘your choice/fault’. Where would that leave people who self-harm due to mental illness, people with addictions, diet related health conditions, cancers caused by choice in products containing known carcinogens?? Totalitarianism at its finest, let Singapore’s current totalitarian model serve as a cautionary tale, not against healthcare for all, but against hypocrisy & hospital/pharmaceutical company greed.

Prior to the pandemic, single payer healthcare was a most popular idea among the US left & right, despite the opposition of left & right politicians. The faltering of public health officials has done nothing but weaken faith in a governmental single payer system or even a mere public option, public health officials emboldened mask removal for the jabbed which led to jabbed individuals being super spreaders, they then went back on their mask exemption bribe due to this. I cannot help but theorize if this was their intent all along, to weaken faith in the ability of government to ensure the health & wellness of the citizenry. I wish to leave medical decisions between a patient & doctor, eliminate ‘in network’ bureaucracy, & cover ALL medical costs.

Republican extremists want to deny healthcare to the poor & Democrat extremists want to deny healthcare to those who don’t partake in experimental warp speed drugs. I consider denial of healthcare inhumane & cruel. I believe that hospitals, given the amount of price gouging they do, should use the massive amounts of money they scammed patients out of & hire more professionals, to unburden health professionals who have been burdened for decades by understaffing & overworking. We can provide healthcare without punishing the impoverished or those that refuse experimental inoculating drugs, it merely requires a genuine sense of care.

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