North Carolina Green Party Decertified By North Carolina—good.

Written by William Pounds, Candidate for Arizona Governor and former Co-Chair of the Jesse Ventura 2020 Presidential Exploratory Committee

“Decertification of a political party happens automatically when a party fails to poll at least 2% of the entire state’s vote for governor or president in the latest general election….Neither the Green Party nor the Constitution Party met that criteria. In 2020, Green presidential candidate Howie Hawkins won 12,195 votes or 0.22% of the vote for president…” – Herald Sun reporting on the ballot access loss incurred by the Hawkins presidential campaign

I found it most ironic that, when the North Carolina Green Party denied access to their 2020 presidential primary ballot to every green presidential primary candidate but Howard Hawkins, primary ballot access was first being promised if a “ballot access plan” was presented to their state committee and if the plan compelled them. North Carolina’s Green Party state committee only deemed Hawkins’ ballot access plan worthy of accepting and then Hawkins proceeded to win the state facilitated presidential primary by about only 16% more than the ballot option “No Preference” given to green primary voters in North Carolina. I can only imagine what would happen if “No Preference” voters were given an actual candidate to back and how many Hawkins primary voters might have even flipped. But, fortunately, North Carolina’s Green Party will never again be given the chance to deny their primary voters choice, as their champion Howard has lost the party its state recognition, along with a great many more state parties.

Now, you might ponder what the North Carolina Green Party would be doing in light of conducting such a poor performance in the last election cycle. Their state party leader whom is also a Co-Chair of the ‘Green Party US’ organization, Tony Ndege, helped lead a move in tandem with the Maryland Green Party to force out the Green Party of Alaska from the “Green Party US” organization. All in the spirit of dividing an already divided federation of state green parties and further justifying my advocacy for the Green Secessionist cause.

Hawkins’ campaign manager, Andrea Merida, is already working to establish another Alaskan Green Party after successfully purging the Alaskan Green Party that courageously nominated Jesse Ventura after Jesse emerged a clear victor in their online primary poll. So, in light of this news out of North Carolina, I’m pleased to announce that the Independent-Green Party of the United States will be setting up shop in North Carolina with our most recent state party affiliate, the Independent-Green Party of North Carolina. I hope to save as many state green parties as humanly possible from the HAWKins 2024 campaign but North Carolina’s Green Party is one of the state organizations I deem well beyond saving.


  • Steve Newman, GPFL Secretary
    January 29, 2021

    Your “advocacy for the Green Secessionist cause” is divisive and thus, only serves to diminish the Green cause. Furthermore, the bar of entry to having the ability to change what you don’t like within the GPUS is so low that such secession is completely unnecessary. Yet I don’t see your name as having ever been a Representative on the GPUS National Committee. One is left to surmise that you are either unwilling to put in the work, (because it is actual work), don’t work well with others, or perhaps you feel such work is somehow beneath you and you should start at the top, (like, by trying to co-opt the Green movement and start your own party or run for Governor without ever having held elected public office before). If you put as much effort into earnestly working for positive change within the party as you are trying to tear it down and circumvent it, you (and we), might actually get somewhere.

    • William Pounds
      February 16, 2021

      The party had the opportunity to draft a competent ticket and instead chose a chronic loser who ran on losing and has lost every bid for office. If chronic loser HAWKins gets to run for Governor of New York and lose and then run for president and lose ballot access for the fourth largest national party , I get to run for Governor ???

  • marvin sandnes
    January 31, 2021

    Same goofy stuff going on in Oregon – a few who see themselves protecting Green values, value-testing others, for some perceived political advantage, or perhaps just because they can – like a 3rd grader hogging the swing at recess – and blindly watching registration number decline and good people leaving.

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